2020 Application Process

Now Open



The Spotsylvania Sunday School Union, Spotsylvania NAACP, and a host of local churches hosted the11th Annual Rites of Passage Program,  July 2019, which culminated in the graduation of approximately 35 young men ages 12-18 at Sylvannah Baptist Church.


The program participants come from the local community, and greater Washington, DC area, and Maryland to “rise to the challenge” of enduring physical and mental challenges by completing a 5:00 a.m. grueling five-mile road orienteering march, camping out and living under the stars, fishing, mastering leadership and team-building activities, but also participating in workshops designed to shape life skills and influence positive choices, such as learning basic first aid, CPR, developing useful computer skills, and gaining an understanding of important civic responsibilities.


This program was organized under the dynamic leadership of Minister Mozett Petway in 2008 and has gained in size and community support each year.  Rites of Passage participants are led by leaders and volunteers from local churches and community organizations who freely give their time, resources, and services annually to serve as mentors to help make an invaluable positive influence on the young men who often come from single parent households in order to provide a wholesome and supportive transformative learning environment at no cost.


The 2020 Annual Rites of Passage program is now open and the leadership invites candidates to consider applying now for the 2020 program which will be held June 25-28, 2020.  You may register online at


There is No Cost to participate. However, there will be a $10.00 participation fee for all applications received after June 12, 2020.  Note: Please ensure to complete all forms. Signatures will be obtained at meeting with parents. (Please turn in your applications Early to be able to secure your slot!)

Please visit the Rights of Passage website to learn more.


Individuals who are interested in participating as 2020 mentors or sponsors may

contact the Rites of Passage leadership team at NAACP7117@hotmail.com or visit http://www.movrop.com/about to apply and learn more about this

exciting program.