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We often overlook wonderful events and opportunities that are free simply because of our habits that lead us to believe that we have to pay for fun and interesting entertainment while often stretching our budget to the limits.  I encourage you to check out the link below from The Simple Dollar to recognize that there remain an abundance wonderful and "free" things to do and enjoy.



Check Out What's Happening at the Library


Spotsylvania County Seeks Minority Firefighters

The Spotsylvania County Fire, Rescue, and Emergency Management service team has recently changed their hiring process to eliminate the requirement for prior training in the fire and EMS field, and will be expanding our recruit academy to a length of 24 weeks to provide all training required for this entry-level position.  The goal in doing this is to both enhance the diversity of our fire and EMS system, as well as increase opportunities for people with ties to the Spotsylvania community to be employed locally, serving their neighbors and home community.

In order to do this, we need your help to share this information with our community, so that the county can try to reach out to a larger group than what is normally engaged through ads in the paper or on our website.  


Information on our hiring process, links to the online application, and a link to the personal history questionnaire that must also be submitted can all be found at  

The US Census Bureau is currently recruiting.

Go to

to apply and learn more.







Want a Great Career? Join Year Up!


Year Up empowers low-income young adults to go from poverty

to professional careers in a single year.


Millions of young adults in the US have talent and motivation, but lack opportunity. At the same time, companies have opportunities available, but lack the talent they need to succeed.


18-24 years old

High school graduate or GED recipient

Of low to moderate income

A U.S. Citizen, permanent resident, or have an employment authorization card

Available 5 days a week (Monday-Friday) for the full year of the program

Highly motivated to learn new technical and professional skills




Work Hard. Get Ahead.

Our free, one-year program includes:

  • 6 months professional training in IT, Finance, or Customer Service

  • 6 month corporate internship with a respected company

  • Up to 24 college credits

  • Weekly educational stipend throughout the program

  • Guidance and support from a staff advisor and professional mentor


85% of Year Up graduates are employed or attending college full-time within four months of completing the program. Those employed earn an average starting salary of $18 per hour – $36,000 per year for salaried employees.


For more information, go to












Power Full Impact Ministries, Inc. (PFIM) is a nonprofit organization incorporated in the state of Virginia.  It’s theme is “serving the underserved.”  Rev. Dr. Morris Oliver is the current President and Treasurer and Mrs. Poinsetta Cowles-Oliver is the current Secretary.  The organization has three primary goals

(a)  Establishing an Interim Pastoral Services and Pastoral Retreat.  The organization will work with pastors across the United States to provide a pastoral retreat with various restorative services in order to allow individuals to take a short break from their duties and take care of their own spiritual and mental needs.  While participants are at the retreat, PFIM will provide interim pastoral services through staff and volunteers so that churches and ministries will still have the care of a pastor during the participant's absence.  By providing these services, PFIM will ensure that pastors have time for spiritual rejuvenation, away from their responsibilities as the religious leader in the congregation while still providing interim pastoral care for the members.   In addition, the multipurpose site will provide space for other ministries, including newer ones, to hold their services.   

(b) Promoting American Sign Language Interpretation.  This ministry helps to bridge the spiritual understanding gap by providing interpretation services using American Sign Language at religious services.    Mrs. Cowles-Oliver is an American Sign Language Interpreter.   

(c)  Locating Transitional Housing for Refugees.  Power Full Impact Ministries, Inc will also work with landlords to provide temporary transitional housing for refugees and rescue victims within the state of Virginia.  More specifically, the organization will offer this housing service to those who are homeless, subjected to substandard housing, fleeing from international persecution, or victims of human trafficking domestically or abroad.  This service will afford participants with an opportunity to reestablish their lives and reintegrate back into society. 


To learn more about this exciting ministry, please contact the ministry at 540.809.6139. 








  • Taking your name off the Marketer’s Hit List​

    • Dial the "Do Not Call Registry" at 800.382.1222 to register with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC​)

  • Don’t use the “Remember Me” function on online accounts​

  • Choose uncommon passwords – Cr3d!+Un!0n$R0ck ​

  • Change your passwords regularly and don’t write them down ​

  • Be careful of posting identifying info about you or your family on personal web pages (Facebook, MySpace, etc…)​

  • Use Reliable Computer Protection​ like Anti-virus, Anti-Spyware, Firewall protection programs ​

  • Don’t leave a "personal information trail​" and shred your mail professionally (banks offer this service on occasions free)

  • Be Aware During Phone Calls​

    • Know who is calling you​

    • Never give personal info over the phone unless you initiate the call​

  • E-mails​

    • Never respond to an e-mail requesting personal info ​

  • Monitor your Credit Report​ by going to



           Federal Job Opportunities       



The Department of Veterans Affairs Seeks Workers 

At the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), employees and interns from all nationalities and backgrounds work together to improve Veterans' lives - in an environment where everyone is valued and respected. Pursue a position with us today, and discover the many advantages of joining our tight-knit team.

Through our various internships, students are able to learn from subject matter experts and build a solid foundation for the future. We also offer renowned medical careers, along with a number of non-medical opportunities, from IT and administrative to finance and HR. No matter which path you choose, you'll have the support needed to make the most of your life - both professionally and personally. 

In return for your service, we provide the following benefits: 

- Competitive salaries/pay differential rates
- Generous vacation, personal, & sick leave
- Stable retirement & health care plans


To find out more visit:


Employment Opportunities

Please share this information and be a blessing to others!





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